Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Fun Day

Whoa - lots to do, people to see, fun to be had! Today was a great Sunday!

I started out this morning at church (of course). The Children had their Christmas program today - too cute, as always! Here are some of my favorite pictures:
Then, some of the youth and their parents, and the hubby and I, went out to lunch and sledding. So fun! (I grew up hating sledding, snow, and being cold and wet... so I'm pretty sure I hadn't been sledding since elementary school!) And I LOVED it! I only went down a few times - getting the hang of it again - and screaming all the way... But I laughed a lot, too! I told the hubby we could get some sleds... I'm ready to fully commit to living in Minnesota (after living here off and on for 20 years!) Although... I'm still not taking up skiiing or snowboarding... Maybe I shoud re-think my last statement...
Then, we came home, took naps, and made dinner for my parents and little sis. It was a nice evening hanging out with the family and chatting over good food! (Dad wanted a little "primer" for Christmas Eve - we were eager to oblige!)

A fun day!

Today I am thankful for:

1. Little kids.
2. Christmas music.
3. Proud parents.
4. Teresa's Mexican Restaurant. Yum.
5. Getting to know other families better - fun new friends!
6. The generosity of our faith community.
7. Sledding! (Did I just say that?!)
8. Cozy, warm sweats and socks to warm up in!
9. The recipe for "Chicken and Morels" by the Barefoot Contessa - yum.
10. A fun day with the hubby.

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Anonymous said...

Megan--you are surprising us all!!! I think there might be a snowboard in your future!!!

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