Monday, December 21, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook - December 21st Edition

For Today...

Outside my window... snowy white on the ground, and soft gray in the sky. Kind of "blah" really...
I am thankful... for all the fun things I was able to do over the weekend! Theatre, dinner out, time with friends and family, church, sledding, cooking, games, etc etc. So fun!
From the kitchen... leftovers - chicken and morels, chimichangas, pumpkin pie. It'll be a good week!
I am wearing... my Christmas pjs. Red and green plaid flannel pants and a red henley shirt.
I am creating... memories. Lots of fun memories.
I am going... to get a few last goodies for Christmas today - and then I'm ready!
I am reading... "A Beautiful Mess" by Rick McKinley.
I am hoping... for a snowy Christmas!
I am hearing... the hum of the computer and the snoring of the dog...
Some plans for the week... work and Christmas! That's it. We'll have Christmas Eve at my parents, then head to Milwaukee Christmas Day (REALLY early) and come home on Sunday.
One of my favorite things... the kids at our church... Their Christmas program was yesterday - so fun and cute! I loved it!
A picture thought I am sharing: My favorite picture from the program - just look at all the little things going on! So funny.
(We've got a little 'Ninja-shepherd on the bottom left - who was adorable and couldn't stand still! The littlest angel, next to him, was constantly falling off the step and loosing her halo. The two beautiful girls behind her were continuously helping her up and plopping the halo back on her head. Our lovely Mary, who's currently reading, had to keep sharing her baby Jesus with an adorable little shepherd who just wanted to cuddle Jesus so bad! Our older shepherds, in the back, went back and forth between looking bored out of their minds, and proud as can be! Our cute little angels, behind Mary, did their best to stay still despite crooked halos and wings - and static-y gowns! Their fidgeting made me giggle. And our Wise People were stoic and true to their role... especially in those glamorous robes! I love Christmas programs...)

Things I am thankful for today:

1. A quiet, no-stress day.
2. A clean house.
3. Gift wrapping is done.
4. Cookie tins are ready to go!Cookie tins are ready to go!
5. A fun excursion for those last little gifts.
6. A back-ordered gift arrives before Christmas . Woo-hoo!
7. Driving around town, looking at Christmas lights!
8. A stop at Axel's for a pint of Guiness!
9. Cuddling up by the fire.
10. Christmas Eve is almost here!


Mom said...

I love the picture of the kids and your commentary!!!

Mom said...

I meant to add this in my earlier comment, but I think the real birth of Jesus was pretty messy and in upheavel also!!! And of course, that is real life!!!

Anonymous said...

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