Saturday, December 5, 2009


When I was a kid, the day we set up the Christmas tree was pretty exciting! Dad and I would sort the tree branches (yes - an artificial tree... My family didn't start getting real trees until I was grown up and out of the house!). Christmas music would be playing. Mom would get some egg nog for the occasion. Dad would get frustrated at the tangled lights. My sister would find the stockings and other fun decorations... and Mom would sit on the couch carefully unwrapping every single ornament... telling the story behind each one... Ooohing and aaahing. I thought she was silly when I was a kid. They were JUST ornaments!

Now I do the same thing.

The hubby and I have quite the assortment of ornaments from our childhood, gifts from our parents and friends, homemade, store bought, twinkly, old-fashioned, recycled, and brand new. Each one has a story. Many of them we forget about throughout the year - and they are a surprise and joy to unwrap again!

Here's a few of my favorites:
(We love moose - isn't he cute?!)
(I absolutely LOVE this angel!)
(This Mother Goose has been a favorite since I got it as a kid... When you pull the string the wings flap on the goose! She's looking a little rough - feathers have fallen off, and there's some chips in the wood... But she'll always be a favorite!)
(This little piece of candy was a gift from a Pastor I used to work for. I love it's whimsy and playfulness!)
(A few years ago we started adding "outdoorsy" ornaments to the tree. I think this canoe is so cool! It's a little rustic-looking and still simple. The hubby loves it.)
(A little sparkle and shine. I just love the colors and sparkle in this one. And notice the S'more fisherman beside it! We have a whole collection of S'mores doing outdoorsy things - so funny!)
(A recycled angel. LOVE her!)
(This one has been a joke for years. When the hubby first pulled these little clothes pin guys out of a box and proceeded to put it on the tree, I about died! WHAT is that?! I asked. I've teased him about these funny little guys for years... But guess what? I've fallen in love with them. The tree just isn't the same without their silly playfulness!)

(This isn't an ornament - but it's a favorite decoration. My mom gave us this table runner a couple of years ago. It's Scandinavian - little Santas or gnomes - I think they're cute!)

There's lots more fun ornaments - I'll share more as I get good pictures of them!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Sleeping in a bit.

2. Instant Starbuck's coffee - made at home - just as good!

3. Going to the Craft-O-Rama in Minneapolis last night. Cool local crafts! Here's my favorite... If only I had a place to wear a sock puppet dress to... It was awesome!

4. Afterwards, we met some really cool ladies for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Yum! (I didn't get a picture of Heather and Beth because I don't feel I know them well enough to shove a camera in their face quite yet... BUT these are two of the coolest ladies I know! They are so genuine, warm, real, and fun - I just love being around them.) So here's the hubby and I at the restaurant, just goofing around while we waited for them to arrive!

5. After dinner, the hubby and I decided to go to another favorite spot for a couple of beverages... Martinis and Belgium beer. Delightful!

6. "City on the Hill" Christmas album. So good.

7. Gas fireplaces. I LOVE flipping the switch when I want a cozy fire...

8. Cookie recipes! (I'm getting ready to start baking today!)

9. Scarves. Chunky scarves, skinny scarves, blue, red, plaid, striped, etc. I love scarves.

10. My green wool blanket from Ireland. So soft and warm. A great souvenier!


Jill said...

I stared at that sock monkey dress for a long time. Wow. That's some sock monkey love, right there! I bought yet another scarf yesterday at the Weisman. I love it! And it was made from recycled saris by women in India, so a good story behind it. I was known as the scarf woman on my Ireland trip. I bought about 4, and I seem to wear them all.

Emily said...

I saw a sock monkey dress (and other sock monkey accessories) at the state fair two years ago. I think it might have been the same one because (and this is very strange), right before I checked your blog I had been looking through photos from that trip to the fair and saw the sock monkey dress in my album. That is a superfreaky coincidence! When I saw the photo on your blog, I thought you had maybe installed some sort of spyware on my laptop. :) I took photos of it for my sock monkey-obsessed aunt. Anyway, it looks like the same dress? Maybe not. But, how many of those can be OUT THERE?

Andrea, the collector said...

We have ornaments that are special from over the years too. Each year, hubby and I get a new ornament, often from a place we visited. It IS so fun to pull them out and reminisce, right? Your tree looks lovely!

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