Tuesday, December 22, 2009


"Be Glad. Be Good. Be Brave."
--Eleanor Hodgman Porter

"Pollyanna did not pretend that everything was good," her creator Eleanor Hodgman Porter, insists. "Instead she represented a cheery, courageous acceptance of the facts. She understood that unpleasant things are always with us, but she believed in mitigating them by looking for whatever good there is in what is."
--Simple Abundance

In these last few days leading up to Christmas, it's so easy to let the stress of menus, house-cleaning, gifts, and busy-ness get us down-right crabby!

But... there's so much fun and joy in these days too!

Finding that perfect gift...
Wrapping it just right - with a giant bow on top!
Watching the fluffy, glittery snow fall.
Tasting that first cup of egg nog or hot cider with a cinnamon stick...
Driving around and looking at Christmas lights with the Christmas music on - singing along!
Yes... I've been called a Pollyanna many times throughout my life... But goshdarnit. Life is too short to dwell on the unpleasant when there are so MANY good things to enjoy!

I hope this week is full of merriment for you!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. A hubby who likes my "Pollyanna" ways!
2. Families who use their Christmas lights to draw crowds - and collect toys for tots!
3. Looking forward to Amanda coming!
4. Christmas flannel sheets.
5. 2 nights at home before the festivities begin!
6. Plum jelly on my toast.
7. Surprising my co-workers with their cookie tins!
8. A day in the office, mostly, to myself.
9. Being able to stay calm and patient at the grocery store.
10. Being DONE with errands!


Beth said...

Pollyanna??? It sort of fits...but I think it is a compliment! Have a nice day!

Amanda said...

Me too! Bring on the holiday cheer.

Melissa said...

One of my favorite traditions that we have carried on from my childhood is driving around to look at the lights. We do it every year after the Christmas Eve service at church.

This year every time we drive by anything with Christmas lights on it the kids yell, "MOMMY! LOOK! NICE!" They never yell for Daddy, it's always me. It's hilarious and cute!

And I think you do have a joyful outlook on life and "roll with the punches." I think it's great that you don't dwell forever on the bad things that happen and try to focus on the good!

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