Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents' Day

Today was a great way to start the week! The hubby had the day off - so I worked in the morning, he did stuff around the house, then we went to Afton State Park for a hike, and came home to make a great "comfort food" dinner. If only every Monday were like this...
Here are some pictures from our hike:

(Mike and Bailey walking ahead - Mike's wearing his pack to get ready for another backpacking trip this summer.)
(Bailey, thinking she's in her own little world, I'm sure.)
(Isn't this beautiful? Who thought fungus could be this pretty in the winter?)
(Enjoying the fresh air!)
(Icicles under the old railroad bridge - they were huge!)
(The prairie looked so pretty.)
(I love birdhouses - if only a little bird graced the scene!)

Things I am thankful for today:
1. A good dentist appointment - perfect teeth! Yeah!
2. A productive morning.
3. A flexible schedule.
4. The hubby's dedication to solving problems.
5. A fun walk this afternoon - and no asthma attack!
6. Bald eagles.
7. My camera.
8. My friend Amanda - calling to wish us a happy Valentines Day!
9. My sister Kayla - got trophies in her speech tournament!
10. A great weekend - feeling relaxed and energized!

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Mom said...

Love your pics!!

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