Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Fun - Feb. 27th

I'm starting to look forward to my Friday blog entries - I'm having so much fun answering random questions! I think this will be really fun to look back at someday! Feel free to use these questions for yourself too!

As a child, how did people describe you? Quiet, shy, awkward, well-mannered, bookworm, maybe compassionate (especially with animals).

What is one thing every kid should have? A safe place to call home - where they are accepted and loved for exactly who they are.

What is one thing that you really disliked as a child that you now fully appreciate? A clean room and bedtimes! As a child my room was normally a disaster - in fact, I think that was the source of most of my early fights with my mom. Now, I'm a neat freak in most respects... If I ever do have a kid, that may be a point of contention between us, too. And I HATED being told to go to bed! It was a great Friday night when my parents would let me stay up to watch "Dallas" or "The Tonight Show" with them! Now, if I get to bed before midnight, life is good.

What qualities do you feel make you different as an adult from your childhood? Self-confidence. Not needing to "measure up" to others. Believing in myself. Motivation. Trusting in my faith - gives me strength and courage. Knowing my gifts and talents - not trying to force myself to be good at things I'm not.

What things do you remember about your childhood neighborhood?
We lived on a little brick road in Ohio. The street was lined with huge, old trees (oaks and maples, I think). Almost every house on that street had kids - so there were always noisy kids outside. Halloween was awesome - the street was crawling with people out trick-or-treating! In the summers, all of us kids would play outside til the sunlight was completely gone. During the school year, the kids would meet before the bus came to play kickball or jump rope. This is the neighborhood where I learned to ride a bike, rollerskate, and jump rope. We played hopscotch, cops and robbers, and flew on the tire swing! We even had the creepy old houses that everyone stayed away from - for fear of ghosts and monsters! It was a great place to grow up!

What is something you wish you could have learned with the snap of your fingers? All things MATH. I think that was my biggest ongoing struggle throughout school - always math. My brain just didn't work the way the teacher's did - so I didn't understand them, and they didn't understand why I didn't understand! Luckily, I made it through - and know just enough to get through everyday life! LOL

What childlike qualities have you maintained throughout your life? Wonder, curiousity, hope, positive attitude, and playfulness.

What's the funniest thing someone wrote in your yearbook? Ha ha ha. Miss Emily Mead wrote: "Oh! And remember - never drink downstream from the herd!" I remember thinking, "what the heck does that mean?!" Totally random, and when I got it, totally funny. To this day she is one of my best friends - and still full of great one-liners!

How did growing up change you? Priorites change. The most important thing in the world used to be trying to fit in with the "popular kids." Now, it's being happy with the life I have. Through life experiences, we learn that family and friends, time, and committment are much more important that brands of clothes and what kind of purse you carry. I used to dream of a grand life - now, I see the simple life as grand. Growing up helps you focus on your values and manages your dreams in ways that make them achievable - even if they are a little different from the childhood fantasies. There's a lot of hard work involved in living a "grown up" life - but I wouldn't change it for the world!

When looking back at your childhood, what would you want to repeat? Anytime when our family was together and happy. Saturday mornings - us kids jumping in bed with Mom and Dad (Ha ha ha - or the mornings Em and I would turn the whole downstairs into one gigantic blanket fort before Mom and Dad got up!). Saturday morning breakfasts - eggs and bacon - and John Denver playing in the background! Our field trips to state parks - hiking ahead with Dad, or chatting with Mom. Christmases. Easter morning egg hunts - we still do this! In high school, spending time with Kayla while she was a toddler (before I left for college) - playing games, reading to her, and making her giggle across the dinner table. So many happy family memories - those are what I would repeat.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Reminders that we are all a work in progress. (This is a little carving of a man that my grandpa was working on... We found it in his workshop after he died. It sits on a shelf across from the elliptical machine - a great reminder when I'm working out! LOL)

2. It's Friday!
3. I followed through with no TV this morning! (And it was nice!)
4. Bison meat tacos for dinner - surprisingly good!
5. A quiet evening in front of the fireplace.
6. Spring cleaning and spring decorations went up - I just couldn't handle looking at winter greenery for one more day...
7. Bailey, the dog, once again squeaking her ball! Her playfulness has returned!
8. My tulips are STILL hanging in there!
9. Mom got to Pittsburgh ok in the snow.
10. We'll be on our way to Ireland a week from today!

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Beth said...

great memories! Have a nice weekend!

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