Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plant a Seed

"Sometimes in this world the best you can do is plant the seed, attend patiently and reverently to a reality you cannot change quickly or even in your lifetime, be present to suffering you cannot banish. To summon the kingdom of heaven as Jesus described it is not to call down perfection on an imperfect world, but to bring recurring, overriding virtues of the Gospel - love, mercy, and redemption - to moments that will probably not make headlines."
-- Krista Tippett, Speaking of Faith

The overcoming of perfection has been an overriding theme in my readings and conversations lately. It's not about being perfect, or making the world around us perfect - but planting that seed with kindness, hope, a smile for a stranger, an understanding ear, and all the other little small ways we reach out to others. It's also about showing ourselves love, mercy, and redemption - allowing mistakes and imperfections - in order to continue to learn and grow.

Where are you planting seeds today?

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Fresh snow. (And fresh puppy paw prints!)
2. Internet connection.
3. Pastor Rod's attention to details.
4. Melting snow.
5. My dog cuddling close when she knows I don't feel good.
6. Butternut squash soup.
7. Mason Jennings' song, "I Love You and Buddha, Too."
8. "LOST" I love that show!
9. "Top Chef"
10. A nice surprise email from Beth and Carol - I'm in, Ladies! :)

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