Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Fun - Feb. 13th

No deep thoughts today - I have Valentine prep to do! :) So here's another get-to-know you game - feel free to pass it on!

1. Where did you grow up? Several places, but mostly Ohio, California, and Minnesota

2. Where did you go to school? Elementary School in Ohio, Junior High in California, High School in Minnesota, College in Wisconsin

3. Did you have a special place where you went to be alone as a child? We had a huge oak tree in our backyard in Ohio. It had a tire swing, and a perfect hiding place behind it. That was my "quiet" place until we moved in 5th grade.

4. How did you rebel as a child? Mom loves this story! Once, when I was really mad at her, and I was very young, I went into the bathroom and rubbed her toothbrush on the bar of soap. I then completely forgot about it until I saw her go in the bathroom - then I braced myself for the consequences... Fortunately, Mom noticed something was wrong with her toothbrush before she put it in her mouth... I heard her laughing - she couldn't help herself! I didn't get in trouble - but I never tried anything like that again, either!

5. What did you hide from your parents? The fact that the neighborhood kids and I would often walk to school... We'd wait near the bus-stop until the bus left (in case our parents were checking on us), then we'd walk to school. I'm not really sure why... I guess we felt cool, free, and sneaky. But hey, we got some good exercise!

6. Do you consider your childhood a happy one? Yes! Most of my childhood was spent in Ohio, in elementary school. I wasn't a popular kid, in fact I was very shy and awkward, but I had a few close friends that I always had a lot of fun with; my family did a lot of cool things together; we loved our church and the things we were involved in there; our grandparents spoiled us whenever they were around - we knew we were loved. Even when we up and moved to California, to me it was a great adventure! I loved the "new beginnings"!

7. What is your saddest childhood memory? From my childhood... I think the two times I saw my dad cry. The first time I was only 4 years old, maybe. He came home from putting our cat, Al, to sleep and he and my mom hugged and cried. I remember wondering what could be so sad to make Daddy cry? The next time was in 5th grade when my grandma, Baba, died. That's actually an interesting story. I was at school and my teacher's aunt died, the principal came to teach our class for the rest of the day and informed us what happened. I looked at my best friend and told her that my grandma was very sick and "could die today, too." Literally, 2 minutes later I was called to the office with my things to go home. Mom met me in the hallway and told me that Baba had died. Weird! I remember the drive home and what a beautiful, sunny day it was; and I remember walking into my parents' bedroom and watching Dad pack to go be with his family - and crying. I think it's always so disconcerting for a little "Daddy's girl" to see her dad so sad... And to realize that he's human afterall, not superman - but actually vulnerable. I love that side of my dad.

8. What was your most memorable toy? Oscar the gorilla. I did a report on gorillas in 4th grade, maybe, and decided I wanted to be the next Diane Fossey and live in the jungles of Rwanda with the gorillas. So for my birthday, my sister got me this funny stuffed gorilla - that just looked grumpy as can be! Hence, the name Oscar. He's still my favorite!

9. Did you ever run away from home? Ha ha ha! I was going to. When I was probably four years old, I was mad at Mom and decided I was done. I was leaving for good. I packed up my favorite toys and headed for the door. Mom was in the living room and asked what I was doing - when I told her I was running away - she offered to send a snack with me! Man, talk about deflating! I think I hid in the neighbor's backyard for awhile and then came home. Mom, graciously, acted like nothing had happened - but I'm sure she had a good laugh about it!

10. What about being a child do you miss the most? The endless possibilities and creativity. Imagination without limitations. Anything was possible when you didn't know how the world worked!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Childhood memories.
2. Bailey's getting her haircut! And the nice people that do the job!

(Bailey before... with 5 months of hair growth...)

(Bailey after her haircut... Oh dear... Poor thing...)

3. Fun plans with the hubby this weekend.
4. Yummy new pub in Hudson - Paddy O'Briens!
5. The sweet man at the vet teary-eyed over his dog. Animal lovers get me everytime!
6. Fitting in to old clothes!
7. My home. So cozy and a sanctuary from the outside world.
8. More new recipes - I'm a cookin' machine! LOL
9. Live Irish music. Gotta love it.
10. A fun, brisk walk - nice to have no ice on the sidewalks!


Mom said...

So many good memories!!! We did have fun didn't we?? I was just thinking about the toothbrush incident the other day!!! Mom

Mike Adams said...

Paddy O'Briens???? I had fun at Paddy Ryan's... Was that your other hubby? Do you take him to the Caribbean to eat too?

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