Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emily!

It's my middle sister's birthday today - so, here's 10 things I am thankful for:

1. Em's laugh. We like to giggle together!
2. Her competiveness - makes games fun.
3. Em's ability to take risks.
4. Her natural abilities as a mommy.

5. Em's faith and her ability to live it out in her work and life.
6. Her creativity!
7. Even though she lives far away - she takes lots of pictures of her little Fin, so we can all see her!
8. She's developed some fun hobbies in her "old age" - fly-fishing, for one!

9. She's incredibly supportive of her hubby!
10. We talk like old friends now, instead of rivaling sisters - open, honest, and encouraging. She's one of my best friends, now! I love you, Em!

11. I had to add one more! As I was looking for pictures of Emily, I found she had posted this of Finley lately - eating lasagna. LOL What a mess!


Beth said...

You are alive!

Anonymous said...

thanks meg!!!! what a nice gift!!!! :) i love you. em

Mom said...

I don't think your sister did a very good job of being anonymous!! Nice post to your sister!!

Carol E. said...

Off topic -- Tonight at church I sat by a very nice young man who thinks you are pretty and wants to meet you. I think his name is Mike.....

Megs said...

Ha ha ha, Carol! Yeah, he asked me for my number after church... Seems like a pretty cool guy! ;)
(For those of you who don't know me, that would be my hubby!) LOL

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