Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Finley!

Today is my niece, Finley's very first birthday!

Here is the quote of the day - perfect for Fin's parents:
"Love is extravagant in the price it is willing to pay, the time it is willing to give, the hardships it is willing to endure, and the strength it is willing to spend. Love never thinks in terms of "how little," but always in terms of "how much." Love gives, love knows, and love lasts."
-- Joni Eareckson Tada

So here are 10 things that make me thankful for Fin:

1. Her mom, Emily, is a natural at being a mommy!
2. Fin helped her mom and I become closer.
3. She's turned Grandpa into a pile of mush.
4. She's taken the pressure off of Mike and I! LOL
5. She's fun to see when we Skype.
6. She's smart and beautiful!
7. She makes people smile and laugh.
8. She likes to be outside - even fly-fishing with her parents!
9. She likes eating cool-whip straight from the tub... like Auntie Meg!
10. Her cool hat collection!

And here is an ode to Finley - her first year of life in HATS! :)


Beth said...

Happy Birthday Finley...we need to see a picture!

Mom said...

Love the pics!!!! By the way--the pressure IS NOT off you and Mike! :)

Beth said...

I love the hats! Great Pics....and I love your mom's comment!

Carol E. said...

Super adorable!! And I love the thankfulness list, about how she brought people together, etc. Isn't it magic how our children help us?!

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