Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fave Five - October 16th

It's Friday! Here are my fave five for the week:

1. Going for a beautiful walk amongst the fall colors last Saturday morning! Snow on the ground, and colors in the trees - Fabulous!
2. Taking thirteen boys and men paintballing as a youth group activity last Sunday afternoon - they battled, and I sat around a campfire with another mom and enjoyed the day. We cooked out - hot dogs and chips - and just enjoyed the fun personalities of all involved! A good day!
3. I had most of my evenings this week at home! Whoa! It was so nice to come home, have dinner, and relax with the hubby almost every night this week. Weird...

4. Inspiration. I'm working on the worship service for this Sunday - leading and preaching. It's about forgiveness - forgiving others, to be more exact. I've had resources, people's input, and all kinds of ideas just falling into place. I love it when that happens!

5. My first bubble bath of the year! Hot water, bubbles, candles, a good book, and a glass of wine. Bliss.

If you'd like to join in and share your Fave Five of the week - head on over to Living to Tell the Story and link up!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. All your kind - and thought-provoking - notes!
2. A clean house for the weekend.
3. Out of all the errands I did today - at least a couple were successful!
4. Turkey, Apple, Brie paninis - keep watching, I'll be posting this recipe soon - it was WONDERFUL!
5. Apple butter - who knew?! I used to hate it... Now I love it!
6. A visit from Mom, Dad, and Kayla.
7. Kayla like Duluth! Who woulda thunk? (My little sister is looking at colleges... whoa.)
8. A "just because" call from my sister, Emily.
9. Finishing the first draft of my sermon... It's too long. What to cut out?
10. Sitting by the fire for a relaxing evening...


Beth said...

I love your five! Especially getting to stay home last week! Jeepers I get to be with you three nights next week!

Megs said...

LOL Oh dear - poor Beth! Not only 3 nights, but 3 nights in a ROW! Geesh... :) My hubby will be jealous!

Joyce said...

I enjoyed visiting today from Friday Faves. I love the saying in your profile about being the person your dog thinks you are : )

Have a great weekend!

ellen b said...

What a great variety of adventures you have had. I remember the days when my boys were paintballing. They always had a good time. That bubble bath sounds so good. I'll wait till the temps cool off again...

Diane said...

I've been thinking about how wonderfully inspiring and uplifting your entries are (most of the time). But I've been wondering how an acknoledgement of how difficult and challenging things in life can be would be accepted. Would it be a gift to others struggling with issues to hear about your top 5 challenges in your life every day? Is there something in our culture that keeps us from talking about the "bad" stuff? I don't know the answer here...there probably isn't a "correct" answer. Heck, maybe you don't even have 5 challenges every day! I think I started wondering about his when I heard on some talk show about how resentful a cancer survivor was towards all the people who expected her to "put up a good fight...keep a positive attitude, etc." She was pissed and wanted someone to hear her! Just a thought....I will still enjoy your positive outlook!

Willow said...

Boys and men love to play their war games! They look like they had a great time.

I love being home, especially in the evenings!

Have a great weekend!

Brenda said...

Long walks, bubble baths and evenings at home, sounds like a great week!

Carol E. said...

You are my role model.

Susanne said...

I like the idea of sitting around the campfire while the younger set goes paintballing.

The bubble bath sounds wonderful!

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