Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fave Five - July 31st

Fridays are a day to look back over the week and notice the things that make you smile! If you'd like to read about more people's fave five, or link to it yourself, check out Susanne's blog at Living to Tell the Story!So for this week:

1. Camping with the hubby's sisters and friends last weekend - a gorgeous campsite on a lake, fun around the campfire, night stars, waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore... Beautiful.

2. It was nice to take a Sunday off of work. I missed being at church... But it was a nice break.

3. Monday at the pool with one of my closest friends and her little girl. Em and Elly came to swim, play, and have lunch - a great girls' day! Lots of giggles and "fishy faces!"

4. Date night on Wednesday - San Pedro Cafe. Yum.

5. A weekend with friends in IL. Cruising around our old town, spending time with friends, stopping at old favorite restaurants, getting to know Lindsey (our friend's fiance)... Just relaxing and enjoying life.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Sleeping in.
2. Chicago hot dogs. You know - with all the fixings: pickles, relish, peppers, tomato, and celery salt. Love it!
3. Touring around the old town - so many new things!
4. Meeting Mark's parents for dinner - always so good to see them!
5. Eating at Monical's Pizza (I used to work there) - so good! And fun to run into people I used to work with!
6. Playing with Mark's little niece, Avery. So cute!
7. Trivial Pursuit - close game! So fun!
8. Chilling out to great music.
9. Watching our dog in her curiousity with the bunny... Very funny!
10. Feeling content.

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