Tuesday, July 7, 2009


"God's love is without condition. He does not accept us because we are good. God is good, loving, and merciful and therefore accepts us. We are free to resist the grace of God, but we are not free to seperate ourselves from God's love.

"I know this to be true of my relationship with God because I know it to be true of my relationship with my son. Were my son to run away from home, he would seperate himself from my blessing. I couldn't feed him. I couldn't clothe him. I couldn't protect him. I couldn't hold him, comfort him, or tell him I loved him. My ability to bless him would be limited, at least until his return. But while my son is free to seperate himself from my blessing, he isn't free to seperate himself from my love. I have chosen to love him no matter what. His freedom to seperate himself from my blessing doesn't diminish my freedom to love him. His freedom to disregard my love doesn't require me to disown him."
--From the book, If Grace Is True by Gulley and Mulholland

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Alarm clocks. Uff-da.
2. Lunch with a friend - pizza and laughs. Good combo.
3. Having a couch and soft lighting in my office - good study atmosphere!
4. Getting a lot done today.
5. Book group. Good women!
6. Never having had a job where I had to ask someone for permission to use the restroom. Melissa, that one's for you!
7. Going for a walk with the hubby when I got home.
8. The hubby posted, "Megan is a Goddess in the kitchen" on his Facebook. Ha ha ha.
9. Missing all of the Michael Jackson hub-bub today.
10. A beautiful sunset and toads on our trail! I love our nature area!


Melissa said...

Love that quote. Such a great way to represent God's love.

Melissa said...

Ah, the luxury of going to the bathroom whenever you want. It is something that is taken advantage of by many. :)

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