Sunday, July 5, 2009


"Better one good thing that is, rather than two good things that were, or three good things that may never come to pass."
--Irish proverb

"Today there was no need to glance wistfully at the past or project anxiously into the future because the present was fully lived and simply abundant. Today was rich with one good thing after another until it literally overflowed with pleasure."
--Simple Abundance

A good Sunday.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. My great aunt, Nadine. I received news this morning that she passed away over the weekend. She was a great lady to be around - and will be dearly missed.
2. A prayer of dedication for my new full-time employment at church this morning. So nice.
3. The hubby's hugs.
4. Time at the pool. Glorious day for it!
5. A surprise visit from my friend Emily and her daughter, Elly. So fun!
6. Watching the hubby with Elly - so cute.
7. A LONG nap.
8. Grilling out - steaks, corn on the cob... as if we hadn't had enough good food this weekend!
9. Dessert - tirimisu... and then...
10. The hubby wanted MORE dessert! We had a piece of chocolate torte in the fridge and we finished that off too! It's vacation, right?! Ha ha ha.

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