Thursday, July 9, 2009


Whoa. This is my two-hundredth post. Crazy. You know what else that means? Over 2,000 things I have listed as being thankful for!!! Whoa... I like it.

The quote for today:

"Reflect. Be thankful. Be joyful and at peace."

Perfect quote for a busy and chaotic week, and a 200th post. Thanks for all your lovely comments, kind support, and inspiration! I am thankful for all of you! And now that this crazy week is almost over - I am finding joy, and will be at peace tomorrow night around a campfire. I can't wait!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Hitting the snooze twice this morning - I think it helped get me through the day.
2. The hubby making me coffee, and placing my mug next to my purse so I wouldn't miss it!
3. The little school kids at the Summer Meal Program I volunteered for this morning - so cute, and SO polite! I wish I could work with them everyday...
4. Spontaneous lunch with the hubby in the middle of a work day.
5. The dog hunched like a vulture by the window - keeping an eye on the neighborhood, and protecting me. She's vicious...
6. An email from my friend, Emily. Cracks me up!
7. Two of my former youth group kids having a CD release party this weekend! So exciting!
8. A fully charged battery on my computer. Finally!
9. Matt Kearny's comment on the radio about Lucinda Williams: "Now that's a woman. I would make her bacon and eggs." It made me laugh.
10. Melissa's little girls turned two years old today, and Beth's daughter is missing her from camp. So sweet - they're great moms.


Mom said...

Congratulations on #200!!! It has been fun to see you use your creativity and read your thoughts. Also can understand why Mike thinks you are a "Goddess in the Kitchen!!" Your recipes and pics are great!! Keep writing!! Lots of Love to you---

Melissa said...

Ah, you're so sweet! Congratulations on 200 posts and 2000 things to be thankful for! What a great accomplishment!

Beth said...

200 posts... it is crazy how fast they happen! Thanks for the shout out! I do miss the little bugger...

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