Tuesday, July 28, 2009


"When was the last time you star-gazed? One clear summer's evening lie on a big blanket in your backyard with a good bottle of wine or sparkling cider, cheese, biscuits, and fresh fruit. Look up into the night sky. Realize that you've got a friend up there. Star-gazing is one of the oldest human passtimes and there's good reason for it. Gazing at the stars reminds us that there's more than we'll ever realize and that every day is another chance to follow the clues. Find a star to wish upon."
--A Simple Abundance

I love summer night skies! They're one of my favorite summer gifts - along with:
Sandy shores
Goosebumps from a cool breeze after getting out of the water
Blue skies
The smell of rain
Grilling out
More daylight
Sleeping with the windows open
Flowers and songbirds
The scent of sweet peas
Fresh fruit
The sound of kids playing outside
Bare feet

What are some of your favorite summer blessings?

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Sweet peas on my desk - my office smells SO GOOD!
2. Jason and I working on his powerpoint presentation - he's getting there!
3. Going out to lunch with Pastor Penny to Teresa's. Yum-a-roo!
4. Picking up a light dinner and eating at a park. A nice break.
5. Exploring neat neighborhoods in St. Paul.
6. Book group - a small group, but great conversation and lots of giggles.
7. Sushi.
8. Going for a walk when I got home - much needed exercise and time with the hubby!
9. Looking forward to the weekend.
10. Feeling productive.

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Mom said...

I am thankful for our porch!!! I can experience about 1/2 of those things on your list-just sittin' in the porch on a summer evening.

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