Thursday, July 23, 2009


"It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end."
--Ursula K. LeGuin

This week, I've been part of a fun game on Facebook - a "social experiment." Everyone who is a "friend" of yours on Facebook is supposed to leave a one-sentence comment, reminding you of a memory they have of you. What's cool about it, is that my "friends" on Facebook have known me through so many different points in my journey through life! (For my own journal-keeping, I'm going to record the answers here - you may find them fun to read...)

Lindsay W. (a friend from elementary school in Newark, Ohio - who I haven't seen since I was in 5th grade) - Playing on Kibler Ave, in Newark Ohio. (That was the street I lived on - an old brick road!)

Tracie P. (a friend I met at a Youth Specialities intensive training seminar, 3 or 4 years ago) - When Panera gave us free dessert because they enjoyed listening to our laughter!

Jake E. (one of my current really cool confirmation kids) - When we talked about the really old Bible in Confirmation. (That would be the Book of Kells that I saw on my trip to Ireland last spring.)

Heather L. (a former youth group member from my church in Wautoma, Wisconsin - when I left, she was still a kid. Now she's a beautiful adult!) - When you gave LeeAnn a Mountain Dew. (LeeAnn is her sister - someone you never want to give caffeine to - or you will be forced to face the consequences!)

Sam P. (a close friend during the college years and a bridesmaid in my wedding) - You eating a pickled egg for your birthday (a long story involving a surprise b-day party at a college bar), and raiding the dorm freezers for ice cream to watch Ally McBeal. (Sam and I met up every week, no matter what else was in our schedules, to watch Ally McBeal together - and of course, eat ice cream! I believe it was almost always Ben and Jerrys...)

Emily R. (one of my closest friends, since about 8th grade!) - Block. It was good to have a buddy in Block. Yuck. ("Block" was the Social Studies/English class we were in for Freshman and Sophomore years of high school - it was a little on the advanced side... Sometimes it was the class that was difficult, and sometimes it was the other people in the class - but Em and I kept each other sane!)

Barb B. (a friend I met through my husband and his job - I have only really started to get to know her over the last year or so) - I remember all the times you were sick and never came out with us! Ha! OK, I swear I won't keep mentioning that! You have redeemed yourself since those days! (I suffer from migraines and go in periods of time where they are worse than others - when I was first getting to know Barb, they were bad... I haven't let her down in quite a while, though!)

Morgan B. (I've probably known her the longest! Our parents have been best friends since before we were born! We don't see each other often, but when we do it's still so fun!) - Making forts out of our lawn furniture when you and the family would visit (when we were maybe 4 years old? in Colorado), and Cedar Point (our families both went to the amusement park in Ohio when we were in grade school)!

Kerry A. (my sister-in-law - I've known her about 10 years now!) - Singing Christmas carols in the back of my mom's car coming home from dinner at Amici's in the summertime... (Ha ha ha - that was only a few years ago, and it drove my hubby nuts!)

Veloice H. (that's my Mom. I guess I take that back about Morgan - I've known Mom the longest! Ha ha ha.) - The day you were born---you were screaming and crying and so was I!!----But they were "happy" tears!!!! Too many good memories to list!! (Thanks, Mom!)

Connie M. (my friend, Emily's, Mom - she's always been wonderful to me!) - You have always been a very dear, special friend to Emily and I'm so glad you are part of our family as Elbow's Godmother. (Ha ha ha - "Elbow" is the family nickname for Ellie.)

Melissa E. (one of the Snazzy Ladies of book group, whom I've gotten to know over the last year) - The expression on your face when I explained a certain restaurant to Pat. HILARIOUS! (Ha ha ha - it WAS hilarious! Pat was an older lady in the group... Somehow "Hooter's" Restaurant was mentioned... Pat had no idea what "hooters" referred to. Melissa did a wonderful demonstration! Hil-ar-ious!)

Amanda S. (one of my dearest friends from college, and a bridesmaid in my wedding) - Too many memories. How about, gorilla themed mini-golf in Steiner. You are always so creative. (Ha ha ha - all the staff in our dorm had to come up with mini-golf holes in their rooms for the residents to play. I collected gorillas and had some plants in my room, so I made a jungle-themed hole with a giant gorilla behind the hole... I even had jungle mambo music playing in the background!)

Carol E. (another of the Snazzy Ladies from my book group, and my quilting teacher!) - Your laugh! It brightens any room.

So there you have it - from the moment I was born, to current friends and and in-laws! It's quite the journey, to be sure!

If you'd like to steal this game and use it on your site, feel free! It's fun to see the answers - and if you'd like to remind me of a memory you have, just add it to the comments section - I'd love to know what you remember, too!

Enjoy today - it's one more step in the journey!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. A relaxing morning at home.
2. Getting to stop in and see what the quilting ladies were up to today.
3. Hearing another cool story about how Open Sanctuary at church provided a beautiful experience for two ladies from our congregation.
4. Excitement over Beth's idea and inspiration!
5. Starburst candies.
6. Being inside most of the hot muggy day.
7. Diane's friendship and yummy gift!
8. The hubby being full of surprises!
9. We went to see "The Belfast Cowboys" in Stillwater tonight - so fun! They played many of our favorite Van Morrison songs!
10. Kettle corn. Love it. Even saved some for our drive to WI tomorrow...

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