Wednesday, July 1, 2009


"In such a beautiful wilderness of wildflowers, we are amused with the very variety and novelty of the scene so much that we in our pleasure lose all sense of weariness or fatigue in the length of our wanderings and get to the end before we are aware of our journey."
--John Clare

We went for a walk last night. A wonderful, beautiful evening walk. The sun was setting, the breeze was blowing - and we were surrounded by beauty all around! Here's some images from of our adventure:

Hoping your day is filled with beauty, too!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Morning - a new start.

2. Quilt group - so fun!

3. Productive day in the office.

4. Getting to leave the office earlier than expected!

5. Laying out in the sun.

6. Dinner with the hubby.

7. 2 new visitors at open sanctuary at church.

8. A new book to read at church tonight - thanks to Andrea!

9. The peacefulness of our sanctuary in the evening.

10. A walk with the hubby and dog when I got home.

11. An evening of candlelight and conversation with the hubby - the weekend begins!

12. Plum jam from Leslie - delish with ice cream!


Mom said...

Where were you walking? Were all of those wild or were some in some landscaping? Love the last pic!!!

Megs said...

These were all the wildflowers in our nature area, in our neighborhood! And there's a bunch of pictures I took that were too blurry to post - the wind was blowing, and as soon as I was interested in a flower Bailey was right in the mix too... Kind of hard to get good pics with the dog jumping at the flower and at the camera! I've never seen so many kinds of flowers on our path - they must finally be getting established! So cool.

Emily said...

I love the last photo of you guys and Bailey! It' so cute!

Carol E. said...

Gorgeous! Those flowers (and your pictures of them) are so beautiful, I almost cried!

Beth said...

Very Very pretty! What great pictures...I felt like I was standing there! I love the shadow shot! Bailey cracks me up!

Andrea said...

Yeah! you got it! I've been out of the blogging loop this week, so I'm just seeing this now.

Your photos are beautiful! I can't believe those are all in your nature area. Fantastic! And congrats on the sewing machine. Hope you have so much fun with it! Saw you in a pic on Carol's site. Are you taking her quilt class? It should be so much fun! :)

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