Sunday, June 6, 2010

Take Half

"Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough."
--Charles Dudley Warner

"I have a rule of thumb my mother taught me about packing for a long trip: lay out everything you think you need, and then take half the stuff and twice the money.  I've found that even the times I don't have twice as much money to bring along, I can still take half of what I think I need and never miss the rest of it.

"If this rule of thumb were adapted into a life lesson, you might say that when setting out on any new adventure - whether it's a new job, a move, or going back to school - you should take half the stuff you're holding onto.  That could be "stuff" in the form of old habits, ideas, or hang ups.  Or it could be literal stuff, as in draw a line down the middle of your garage and pick what's going with you and what's going to be donated to people who need it.  Then, instead of taking twice as much money, take twice as much energy and inspiration.  Do whatever it takes to boost your drive to go after your new purpose, your new direction, your new goal.  Elevate the level of intensity for going after what you want to twice what you think you need, and with all that extra baggage gone, you'll be surprised at how fast you get there."
--Mia Parker, "Less is More"

What a great reading on the day we celebrated graduations at our church!  What great advice for all of us - but especially those setting out on new journeys, new beginnings, becoming the people they want to be!

This gives me a great idea for my sister's graduation gift...  Hmmm... Interested, Kayla?

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Cream Cinnamon Honey from the Farmer's Market.
2.  Celebrating our Sixth graders moving up to Junior High with new Study Bibles - I'm so excited to have Jack and Lydia joining the youth program! 
3.  Our graduates:  Joe, Katy, Carly, Kelly, Andy, Ronnie!  (And thinking of Katie and Rebecca, too, who are no longer members of our church - but still in my thoughts and prayers!)
4.  Being invited to a former youth group student's Eagle Scout Ceremony - I'm so proud of you, Clayton!
5.  Keeping in touch with kids from my last church, being invited to their graduation parties - I'm really looking forward to seeing them and catching up!
6.  The hubby's home safe and sound after a weekend of camping!
7.  Long naps on rainy afternoons.
8.  Our orange lilies are blooming!
9.  The dog is FINALLY snoozing after playing, playing, and playing some more...  The frisbee and the ball are retired for the evening!
10.  Sitting with my feet up, a cool breeze coming through the window, chatting with the hubby, and sipping white wine.  Lovely.

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Beth said...

I like that advice... I have been exploring what I want to do in the next 50 years (lol) and will use some of this...

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