Monday, June 7, 2010


“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.”
― Martin Luther

I love being married.  Can you tell? 

My hubby is my best friend.  We can talk about everything going on in our day - the good and bad. We have fun doing things that other people find arduous - painting and decorating rooms, taking care of the yard, cooking, cleaning, etc.  We get through stressful situations with humor and a smile.  We enjoy simple pleasures - like sitting on the patio talking about our day, going for a walk, and sharing an ice cream cone.  We love traveling together.  Concerts.  Family.  Friends.  Our dog. 

My parents are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary today!  Wow.  We've been married only 6 years...  I can't imagine 35!  My parents have had their ups and downs.  They both have very strong personalities.  But they've been an example of what it means to stay by each other's side during the good and bad, better and worse.  They've demonstrated strength and love through all 35 years - and we, their daughters, have learned from that. 
It's apparent through the men we've chosen to have by our sides.  Em and I have amazing husbands, and even Kayla (while only in high school) has had a pretty cool guy by her side through all of high school.  Our guys respect us, accept us - flaws and all, and let us continue to be the people we are.  They love and adore us.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for teaching us how to love and be loved!  We love you!  Happy Anniversary!

Today I am thankful for:

1.  Mom and Dad.
2.  Marriage.
3.  My hubby.
4.  A day with a former youth group member - Kelsey!
5.  Aveda facials.  Splendid.
6.  Sharing an ice cream cone at the Grand Ole Creamery with the hubby.
7.  Chicken tacos.
8.  Watching "The Hangover."  Too funny.
9.  The dog jumping and spinning as she catches her frisbee.  Show off.
10.  A new singer, "Daphne Willis."  Very good!


Carol E. said...

Nice tribute to marriage! Your 35th will be here before you know it. I know, because mine is coming in August. And it seems like just a few years ago we were celebrating our 6th......

Beth said...

Congrats to your parents... I am thinking mine would still be married and it would be over 50... Bo and I celebrated 25 last year... and I can remember alot of those years events like it were yesterday...

Mom said...

Ahh-- Aren't you nice!

Kayla said...

Boo - do you have daphne's cd? I would love to get a copy - she is awesome!

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