Saturday, June 5, 2010


"Pets are family, too.  In the discussion about family and friends, pets deserve a prominent place [in our finding happiness].  Animals have much to teach us about how to share and experience love.  The closer we get to our pets, the more joy they give us.  In their book Companion Animals in Human Health , authors Barofsky and Rowan note that people who have a loved pet in the home are 22 percent more likely to feel satisfied than those who don't..."
--"Secrets Happy People Know" by Young Lion, Inc.

Well, anyone that already knows me knows my pet gives me joy and happiness!  Bailey makes me laugh everyday...

But today I'll tell you something else that I love...  A good petting zoo!  Ha ha ha.  I love playing with goats (especially the tiny pygmie goats!), sheep, baby cows, donkeys, llamas, chickens, ducks, horses and ponies, etc etc etc!  I had the chance to represent my church today at a community park event and our table was right next to the petting zoo.  Guess where I kept disappearing to?  Yep.  So fun.  Even in the rain, I adored all the animals.
They make me happy.

What's making you happy today?

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Meeting friends at the Farmer's Market.
2.  Rain jackets.
3.  Sugar Snap Peas.
4.  Petting zoos.
5.  Bubbles.
6.  Phone conversations with old friends - especially when they contain fun information!
7.  Good windshield wipers and tires.
8.  Coffee cake at Starbuck's made with REAL FOOD - no more chemicals!  And they taste so much better!
9.  The movie "Paper Heart."  So cute.
10.  The smell of bread baking...  Mmm....

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Beth said...

they are cute... where were you?

Hmm What has made me happy today... being home after 3 days away...and getting in a nap!

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