Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blue Zones

I have recently been captivated by the book "The Blue Zones" by Dan Buettner. 

"Living a healthy, active life well into your 90s - and possibly your 100s - may be easier than you think.  Award-winning author and researcher Dan Buettner has traveled the world to meet the planet's longest-lived people, and learned nine powerful yet simple lessons that could put you on the path to longer life.  Where did he find them?  In the Blue Zones.

"Blue Zones are communities where common elements of lifestyle, diet, and outlook have led to an amazing quantity - and quality - of life."

I saw that Mr. Buettner's house was being shown on the ASID home decorating tours in Minneapolis - and that his house is decorated to represent the Blue Zone principles... and I wondered what they were...  Then, later that day I went to the bookstore - and wa la!  Right in front of me was the book.  I figured it was an omen.

I bought the book, went home, took the book to the pool, and got so absorbed in the book, I forgot to "flip" and burned myself to a crisp!

I find it fascinating.  It seems like common sense things that all of us would want to do in our daily lives...  but when you look at our society here in America... this is so far from how we live!  And not only that - but we actually look down on, or make it hard, for people who want to live this kind of healthy life!

I'm still finishing the book - the next chapter is about creating my own Personal Blue Zone.  Oh yeah.  I'm all about it!  But here are the 9 principles that seem to be common in all of the places they've studied:

1.  Move naturally.  (low-intensity physical activity everyday)
2.  Cut calorie intake by 20%.  (stop eating when you no longer feel hungry)
3.  Eat more plants.  (eat meat only occasionally and cut out processed foods)
4.  Drink red wine.  (in moderation)
5.  Find a purpose. 
6.  Take time to relieve stress.
7.  Participate in a spiritual community.
8.  Make family a top priority.
9.  Surround yourself with people who have similar values.

Obviously these are only a glimpse - the book is full of stories of fascinating 100+ year olds and wonderful insights to why these are such important factors. 

I loved it.  Maybe you will too?

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A normal day at work - nice to be around everybody!
2.  I'm beginning to feel better.
3.  Reading a good chapter in our current book group book.
4.  Finishing a couple of looming projects at work.
5.  Book group - we're only meeting once a month through the summer.  Nice to see the ladies!
6.  Lots of praying with people today - I needed it.
7.  A rainbow in the sky on the way home.
8.  A sunset with SUN!
9.  Sharing some Indian food with the hubby when I got home.
10.  Looking forward to lunch with Em and Elly tomorrow!

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Beth said...

I like the 9 principles... but I think having a purpose is so very key! So many older people I know lose their purpose after retiring etc... I have been wrangling with passion and purpose for awhile.. makes me do lots of reflective thinking...

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