Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fave Five - June 18th

It's Friday!  Time to list your fave five things from the week...  If you'd like to link up, join us at Susanne's blog!
Here are mine:

1.  My new flip flops.  I don't often say that shoes, much less flip flops, are a favorite thing - but I LOVE these!  They're rather pricey... but with a sale and using my "cash" from the store, I got them for a steal.  I can walk in them all day - and my feet feel great (and so does my back and my legs - bonus!). 

2.  Lunch with my best friend and her daughter.  Em and Elly always make me smile!  They took me out for lunch - we giggled, we played, the whole world seemed right for a moment.   I loved it!

3.  A concert in the park.  Wednesday evening the town where I work was having a concert in the park, so my hubby joined me for the evening to listen to Pat Donohue (or Prairie Home Companion fame).  We had a great time tapping our toes, eating pizza, and enjoying the first beautiful evening in what seems like forever!  A great date night!

4.  A visit from my blogging friend, Andrea - all the way from New York!  So fun to finally talk and share our lives in person, and show her a little more of my life in little 'ol Minnesota!

5.  Since the hubby went out of town this weekend...  I got to watch a movie and read in bed tonight!  Ahhhh.... the luxury...  (The dog liked the laziness, too.)

How was your week?


Beth said...

I love the flip flops (we call them fripfrops) Sounds like you had a great week! I am looking forward to slowing down some! Lydia is having a hard time with having "nothing" to do!

Willow said...

Hi Megs, If I could find flip flops that I could wear all day long, I'd be so happy! I'll check those out next time I'm at REI (I LOVE that store!).

Isn't it fun to meet blog friends face to face?

Have a great weekend!

Susanne said...

Love those flip flops. Love how they are shaped.

I love having lunch with a friend. It's always makes my favorites list when it happens!

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