Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fave Five - June 11th

It's Friday!  Time to share five things that made you smile, made you grateful, or made you feel blessed this week!  If you'd like to share yours, hop on over to Susanne's blog and link up!
Here are my Fave Five:

1.  Celebrating our high school graduates at church last Sunday!  Most of this year's grads have been with me the whole time I've worked at this church - 6 years!  It's always bittersweet to celebrate them and bless them as we send them off to new beginnings.  Congratulations Ronnie, Andy, Carly, Kelly, Katy, Joe (and to those I no longer work with, but keep in my prayers - Rebecca G., Katie, Alex, Clayton, Rebecca H., Travis, Ekemini, and Jill).

2.  Spending a day with one of my former youth group kids (former only in that she's now in college!).  We went and got pampered - she got a new hairdo, and I got a facial and massage.  Heaven.  So fun to giggle and learn about each other's lives in new ways.  And so fun to have her home for the summer!

3.  Evenings sitting on the patio, watching our flowers blooming, drinking wine, enjoying the breeze and the sunset, playing frisbee with the dog, and chatting with the hubby.  Love these nights!

4.  Aveda herbal tea.  So calming, soothing, and good.  It's been a daily treat this week.

5.  My baby sister, Kayla, graduated high school today!  The hubby and I got to go to the ceremony with my parents (and I was texting my other sister in Alaska to try to include her, too!).  Afterwards, Kayla left for the senior party and we took my parents out to dinner to celebrate them finally being "empty nesters" after 33 years of raising kids!  Whoa.  It was a big day for everyone!

And yes, today I am thankful for:

1.  Dayquil.  Waking up with a sore throat was not in the plan for today.
2.  A day of rest.
3.  Getting to be at Kayla's graduation.
4.  Cheering for all the "Megans" at graduation...  Ha ha ha.
5.  Texting with Em and talking with her afterwards...  We missed her.
6.  Dinner with Mom and Dad at a funky restaurant late at night.  Fun!
7.  Blue Moon beer with an orange slice.
8.  A waiter that learned my name.  I liked him.
9.  Convincing everyone to have dessert...  so I wouldn't feel like a pig.
10.  A blessed life.


Susanne said...

Congrats to your sister on her graduation!

That must have so joyous watching all those young people that you have worked with for so long graduate. What a smpecial time.

Mom said...

Thanks again for a fun nite after graduation. You make me smile with your "giggles!"

Dad said...

I just got to catch up on your blog and loved this one about Kayla's graduation, texting (I was too), and dinner afterwards (fun!). We really enjoyed the whole evening and loved going to dinner with you and Mike.

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