Sunday, November 28, 2010


"The most important task we have in our lives is to give thanks: the simplest, purest thanks we can intone.  This cannot be said enough.  Gratitude, practiced early and often, can transform things through pure thought.  Small things into big ones.  Simple pleasures into wonderful luxuries.  Grey days into nourishing rainstorms. Daily habits into devotional practice.  Try it on for size; I think it'll suit you."
--Mina Parker, "Less is More"

Ahhh...  Sundays.  Sometimes soothing and relaxing...  Sometimes, not.

Today, church was crazy with all kinds of things happening!  Two baptisms, a crazy (and messy) children's sermon, the children sang a fun song, we were handing out bookmarks and Christmas pins, lots of visitors, people wanting to tell me their "Living a Better Story" experiences, and trying to visit with the kids and returning college students!  Oh...  and then AFTER worship, we had a chili lunch and our "Hanging of the Greens" where everyone stays and helps to get the church decorated for Advent.  Uffda!

Once we left church, we headed straight to my parents' house for a shared meal (since I missed Thanksgiving with them).  My youngest sister, Kayla, and her boyfriend were home - so it was a fun family lunch! 

When we finally got home, I talked to my other sister, Emily, on the phone - so fun!  I think mostly, we just laugh about all the craziness in our lives.  I love it.  I always feel lifted up after I talk with her. 

After that, I pretty much just settled in for the night.  The hubby was in his own little world...  so I checked emails, played on Facebook, and cozied up on the couch to read a book.  The Christmas lights were finally turned on, the fireplace was warm, and the dog was curled up next to me.  A nice ending to a long and crazy weekend...

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Baptisms - always neat.
2. The children at our church - full of spunkiness and fun!
3.  The energy and enthusiasm at church today!
4.  More "Living a Better Story" experiences being shared!
5.  Chatting with Kelsey.
6.  Catching up with both sisters.
7.  Kayla and Anthony joining us for lunch - they're so fun together.
8.  Our Christmas lights are on!
9.  Finally getting back to my Diana Gabaldon book, "An Echo In the Bone."
10.  The coziness of winter...

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Kay said...

It was great to see you! I'll see you in a few weeks for Christmas! :]

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