Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giant Leaps

"I don't think you can explain how Christian faith works either.  It is a mystery.  And I love this about Christian spirituality.  It cannot be explained, and yet it is beautiful and true.  It is something you feel, and it comes from the soul."
--Don Miller, "Blue Like Jazz"

We finished up our small group at church tonight - the one based on the book, "Unbinding the Gospel."  It was a GREAT group... and I'm kind of sad to see it end.  The book is about "real life evangelism" for those of us who aren't about to be standing on street corners, handing out pamphlets about Heaven and Hell.  This book was about taking the fear out of sharing our faith stories - through example, through actions, and through building trust and relationships. It's a great new way to think about the "E" word.

And our group was great.  Honest about their hang-ups and fears.  Willing to explore new possibilities and new ways of seeing things.  Ready to notice and acknowledge where they are already sharing their faith - without even thinking about it...  Wonderful conversations!

And the best part?  As we finished up last night, they all said they weren't afraid of sharing their faith anymore.  Awesome.  We kept saying "baby steps" - but I think they made giant leaps! 

We all know God is bigger than we will ever be able to put into words or understand - but we've also come to trust that when God puts us in situation where we can share our story - the Spirit will always give us the words, the courage, and the wisdom to meet the other person where they are.  What a relief!  This is totally do-able.  Ha ha ha.

Thanks, ladies, for being such a gracious group! 

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A productive day at the office.
2.  Getting our Christmas lights up last night!
3.  A neighbor offering to let us use their super tall ladder!
4.  Laughing and joking with many of our neighbors while we were outside - so nice!
5.  Volunteering at Feed My Starving Children last night (we fed 29 kids for a year!).
6.  Our small group - loved them.
7.  Groups that pray for one another.
8.  A beer with friends after small group.  A nice way to unwind the day.
9.  Continuing the clean-out of our house - organizing, throwing out, and donating.
10.  "The Good Wife" with Michael J. Fox, tonight - so good!

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Beth said...

I am glad your group was so good!

I totally missed Good Wife...fell asleep...oh well! I am going to rent Back to the Future to get my MJF fix

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