Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Re-cap

I can't believe another three weeks have passed - and summer is only a couple of weeks from ending!  Well, here's a few more snippets of my summer:

*  Another church outing - this time to Como Zoo and Conservatory to talk about John Wesley's 2nd Simple Rule:  Do Good.  A little scavenger hunt around the zoo, a couple of games and surprises, ice cream treats, and great people - a fun day!  Afterwards, the hubby and I were heading to Snuffy's Malt Shop for dinner and a malt and two other couples decided to come along and see what this place was.  It was a fun time!  Nothing's better than a Snuffy's banana-chocolate malt.  Yum!
(We were supposed to be on a scavenger hunt, looking for people doing good deeds...  but the hubby and I were too easily side-tracked by the animals...  The giraffe is his favorite - can you tell?)

*  Volunteering with the Summer Meal Program at our local high school.  Our church has been helping for one week a summer for two summers now.  It's a fun way to serve some of the kids in our own neighborhood!

*  One of my best friends, Amanda, came to visit for a weekend.  It was supposed to be a weekend to introduce her to more fun things to do around the Twin Cities (since she's thinking about moving here eventually)...  But it was fate that we went to the Dakota Jazz Club for a performance by Davina and the Vagabonds.  Amanda fell for a Vagabond.  And he fell for her.  So fun.  The rest of the weekend revolved around this connection - a couple of late nights and lots of girl talk.  So fun.
(Amanda had a good night... and that chocolate souffle made it even better!)

*  The hubby and I checked out a new cafe and music venue - the Aster Cafe.  Yum.  I can't wait to go see a band there!

*  A day with another of my closest friends, Emily.  We went to the Wilde Roast Cafe for lunch - Yum.  Then off to our yearly trip to the Aveda Institute for a little pampering.  I love a good massage!  Such a good day...  As always!

*  The Uptown Art Fair.  Love it.  So many fun things to look at.  So many fun people to watch.  And we hit it on the perfect evening this year - low humidity and somewhat cool.  A lovely evening!

*  My youngest sister, Kayla, had her Graduation Open House last weekend...  It's all seeming real now.  She's leaving this Tuesday for college!  It was fun having so many people stopping by my parents' house to wish her well and tell her how proud they are of her.  Friends, family, role models, and neighbors came out to celebrate with her and my parents.  So fun!  (I especially liked spending some time with my aunt and uncle, Ann and Todd, and their kids Trent and Jane - it's been a long time and was so fun to catch up!)

*  Our last big church outing of the summer - a ride down the Mississippi River on a Padleford river boat as we remembered John Wesley's 3rd Simple Rule:  Stay in love with God.  52 people came out on a steamy, hot day to enjoy some time together and have a new Twin Cities experience!  A fun day!

And finally... a quiet weekend.  We were supposed to head to Milwaukee this weekend to finish up some projects around the hubby's mom's house, but when we saw the forecast was continued heat, humidity, and storms - he decided to postpone the trip.  I hate to say it, but I was so glad!  I'm so excited to have a weekend with no plans...  Maybe the farmers market tomorrow... a little pool time...  getting caught up on some things around the house...  That's it.  Keeping it simple this weekend.  And loving the surprise of a restful weekend!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A lovely post by my friend, Andrea, about her visit to my home.  She made me cry...
2.  Lunch with Beth yesterday.  Fun to catch up over pizza...  Cuz we're always up for pizza!
3.  Finally looking through my Cooking Light magazine for this month - and so excited to try some of these recipes!
4.  Watching "The Pillars of the Earth" mini-series via  So good!
5.  Being reminded that even when I feel frustrated with life...  I have a good one.
6.  Breakfast for dinner.  Sometimes that just what you need.
7.  Making reservations to celebrate Dad's birthday (late) at the Dakota Jazz Club with Davina and the Vagabonds next Friday!
8.  Nectarines, clementines, frozen grapes, and melons in our fridge all week...  Yum!
9.  News that Emily R. is having a boy!  Awesome.
10.  A friend got a response that she had been waiting for... Yippee!


Beth said...

Okay what is all the buzz about Pillars? I looked at the book a couple times and print is so small and it is so long??? I am hoping that Amanda got a call??

I won't see you til Tuesday... Have fun in the village!

Andrea, the little collector said...

Glad to write about your generosity. Thank you for the lovely soap. Using it every day.

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