Sunday, August 29, 2010

People Pleasing

"The more one pleases everybody, the less one pleases profoundly."

"Making everyone around you happier by trying to please them all at once is an insidious little trap.  It sounds wonderful, and it might be, if it were possible.  More importantly, the impulse to please leads us down roads that are not known for inspiring true, deep happiness and affection in anyone...

"...We're better off remembering that we make people happy first by being happy ourselves, because joy spreads faster than a flu bug in winter.  Second, we can only hope to inspire happiness in others by allowing room for our differences, even if they might occasionally flare up into disagreements.  Third, we make people happy by paying attention and learning about what excites them and inspires them, and figuring out special ways to nurture those feelings in a way that brings us delight at the same time."
--Mina Parker, from "Less is More"

A good reminder.

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Cherry pie.
2.  A lovely chat with two ladies at church, today. 
3.  A fun and lively church service.
4.  A beautifully done sermon.
5.  Finishing a crazy book.
6.  Returning some things to the store...  Sometimes, you'd just rather have the money back.  Ha ha ha.
7.  Cheerful gerbera daisies on my dining room table.
8.  Trying a new recipe - "Italian Breakfast Sandwich" by Giada.  Yum.
9.  Making the breakfast recipe for dinner.  Ha!
10.  The hubby made it home safe and sound.

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