Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alaska 2010 - Day 6

The long ride home...  It was hard leaving this morning...

I'm not good at good-byes to begin with, but this one was really hard.  I love that my sister and her family have moved to Alaska and are experiencing new things everyday.  I love that someday, Fin will have strange memories of moose, touching salmon, roasting caribou hot dogs over the fire pit, and seeing wild horses...  I love that Em and Karlin are learning a completely different way of life - and find joy in the midst of it. I love that they make friends so easily and nurture those close relationships to become their family away from home.  I love seeing them thrive in a whole new world.  And I love getting to visit their home - the love and joy and warmth that makes them who they are.

But when I come home, I miss them.

My sister and I were not the closest of siblings for so many years - that now that I consider her one of my closest friends, I miss her and wish she was here.  I wish we could go out for cosmos and theatre, cook dinners together, visit the farmers market, have family dinners, and tease each other and laugh together on a more regular basis...  I wish I could play in the mud with Fin more often and share our pool with her...

All of these things make it hard to say good-bye...  I love you, Em.  I'm proud of you - of the wife, mother, and friend that you are.  Of the amazing life you are creating.  Of the adventures you're not afraid to have! 

Even as I came home tonight - I'm already thinking of when I'll be able to visit again...  And it can't come soon enough!

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Andrea, the little collector said...

Sisters + Alaska? I just love that mix! You have me jonesing to go back there and to bring my sister along. What a fun trip!!!

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