Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Day with Amanda

This is my friend Amanda. 

We've been friends since my junior year of college...  so, a long time!  We've been known to watch Muppet movies, color, paint, and make pinwheels.  We love to share music and go see Jason Mraz concerts.  We've been to Austin, Texas, together to see the Austin City Limits Music Festival (and celebrate her 30th birthday).  We've cried at movies (she squeaks!), laughed at each other's quirks, and stayed up to all hours of the night talking about boys... and life.

She's one of my best friends - and she's thinking about moving to Minnesota (in the next 1-3 years).  So...  Her recent weekend visits have been lots of fun - because I get to finally take her to all my favorite places around the Twin Cities!  Here is our latest adventure:

This morning began sleeping in (of course!) and a yummy breakfast of french toast, bacon, and fruit.  Yum.

Then, we went to the pool to sunbathe and soak up the last rays of the summer!  She gets really glammed up for the pool!  (Amanda - I forgot once again to take a picture of the big, floppy orange hat!)

Back to the house, a quick snack and showers...  Then off to our daily adventure!

We drove down Grand Avenue in St Paul - and did a little shopping at Bibelot.

Then, onto Minnehaha Falls for some seafood tacos and a beer from Sea Salt (and great music!).  The falls were raging, so we spent some time admiring their beauty!

A drive through Uptown followed - complete with a visit to Sebastion Joe's Ice Cream for some "Nicollet Pot Hole" ice cream cones.  Delish!

Followed by a drive around Lake Harriet and Calhoun - ending up at the Lake Harriet Bandshell for some gypsy jazz music - so fun!  As we sat out there, we watched the sun set...  Beautiful.

One last stop for the night?  The Happy Gnome pub in St. Paul.  Tried a couple of new beers, enjoyed the funny bartenders, and ended the night on a happy note!

So fun.  Can't wait til you get moved here, Amanda!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Friendships that last forever.
2.  Staying up late with a girlfriend - laughing til we absolutely HAVE to go to bed!
3.  Homemade french bread for french toast.  Yum!
4.  A fabulous pool day!
5.  Getting to go to several of my favorite places - all in one day!
6.  Dog-watching at Minnehaha Falls.  Too fun.
7.  Watching the little kids boogie to the music!
8.  "Nicollet Pothole" flavored ice cream.  Good Lord, is it yummy!
9.  Navigating the Cities like an old pro!
10.  Such a good day.  Loved it.


Amanda said...

Your post made me smile! I can't wait either. Oh, the fun we will have!!! :-) Love you.

Mom said...

The rest of our family can't wait either Amanda!! We love it when you are around--you make us all smile and laugh!!! Move here sooner than later! OK??

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