Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fave Five - August 20th

I'm back!  I love this challenge that Susanne at "Living To Tell the Story" puts out each week:  What are five things that made you laugh, smile, or feel blessed in the past week?  If you'd like to join in the fun, just link up at Susanne's blog!

Here are mine:

1.  An unexpected quiet weekend, last weekend.  We were supposed to go to the hubby's mom's and do some work around the house...  But as we were watching the weather reports and how it seemed to keep getting hotter and more humid by the day, the hubby decided we could postpone the trip.  Phew!  Now, we could have one of our only quiet, unplanned weekends of the summer.  Farmer's market, pool, an unexpected date out for scallop tacos and live music at Sea Salt Eatery...  LOVED it.  And sooooo needed it!

2.  Sunday evening we took my youngest sister, Kayla, out for dinner - our little "good-bye" as she headed off to college for the first time this week!  (I gave her a cool little necklace from Sherry Truitt's etsy shop - LOVE this!  So far, Kayla has posted many pics on facebook wearing her necklace!  Thanks, Sherry!)  It was a fun dinner with my hubby and I remembering back to our college days and what we would have wanted to know as we headed into the great "unknown."  A fun conversation - I miss ya, Kay!  We'll see you soon - you know I can't wait to visit!

3.  Connecting with friends from elementary school and college on Facebook this week.  So fun to see how their lives turned out - and to be remembered!  Life takes us all in so many directions that we never expect...  It just makes me appreciate the life I have!

4.  A group of 15 of us from church went to Feed My Starving Children again this week.  Along with the other groups that were volunteering, we bagged over 12,000 meals - that will serve 34 kids for an entire year!  Woo-hoo!  The message that our group leader gave that night revolved around the fact that just by being there that night, we HAVE made a difference in somebody's life.  A huge revelation for me.  If you'd like to read more about it, I wrote about that experience here.

5. Tonight!  We took my parents to the Dakota Jazz Club to see Davina and the Vagabonds (a local jazz, swing, New Orleans-style band).  LOVED it!  Good food, good drinks, fun with the parents, great music, and the hubby and I enjoyed a late night on the town afterwards.  The longer I live in the Twin Cities, and the more we get out and do stuff, the more I love it here!

Thanks, for checking in today!  It's always nice to have you!
Have a great week!

Oh!  And the things I am thankful for today:

1.  Sleeping in - but just a bit!
2.  Another workout - and it's beginning to get easier.
3.  Getting the house cleaned up before the weekend.
4.  Making cookies.  Yum.
5.  Fresh, juicy, sweet, wonderful fruit!
6.  The wonderful responses to yesterday's post.
7.  Time with Mom and Dad tonight - so fun!
8.  Pomegranate martinis.  My favorite foo-foo drink.
9.  The song, "Finally Home" by Davina and the Vagabonds.
10.  Lovin life!

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