Monday, August 23, 2010

Sharing the Wealth

Here's two great blog posts that have made me smile today - Enjoy!

Molly Irwin: On Vulnerability - it's about 17 minutes, but very good!

Jason Mraz: Words - one of my favorite musicians talking about thinking "this is what my life looks like." I loved it!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Being able to smile when I say "this is what my life looks like."
2.  A cool morning...
3.  A yummy summer dinner - trout on the grill, melon, berries, edamame...  Yum.
4.  A nice man warning us the pool was polluted before we walked all the way there tonight.  Bummer - but nice of him.
5.  Friends sending me all kinds of links to interesting things today.
6.  Watching our dog play, and play, and play, and go for a walk, and play, and play...  She's one happy pooch tonight!  Her tail hasn't stopped wagging yet!
7.  Cold showers on hot, humid days.
8.  The smell of flowers in the breeze.
9.  A beautiful - but buggy! - walk tonight.
10.  Vanilla ice cream with homemade strawberry jam.  My new favorite summer treat!

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