Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Fave Five - November 13th

Today's that day again - Friday!!! Time to take a look at the week and name my favorite five things about the week.

1. Mark and Lindsey's wedding - so fun and so great to see them happy! The hubby and I loved meeting so many of their other friends, too - people we felt like we knew instantly from years of stories!

2. Traveling with the hubby - airports, rental cars, crazy little towns, hotels, and new restaurants. So fun. We always enjoy new adventures with each other!

3. The hubby taking care of me all week - I've been down again with another horrible cold! I wish my body handled colds like normal people... Instead I get totally knocked out! But the hubby is so good to me - picking up meds, juice, and whatever food I'm craving at the store... Getting baths ready for me... Making me homemade mac and cheese! He's good stuff!
4. My pastor pulling me aside and telling me that all my hardwork lately has been noticed - by her other pastor friends. It felt really good!

5. Book group. Even though I didn't feel good - these ladies can always lift my spirits and make me feel better. And Melissa brought chocolate chip cookies!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. A day at home - it's been a long week!
2. Sleeping in.
3. The dog got her haircut and vaccinations...
4. Pizza!
5. Clean pjs.
6. Our Anniversary Memory book.
7. No plans this weekend.
8. Being able to breathe easier.
9. Candles.
10. The dog's sweater - cheesy, yes - but it gives her a little more independence when she's freshly shaved!

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dad said...

Hey #1, get busy! I miss your daily wisdom and grace.

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