Monday, November 2, 2009


"We were created for no other reason than to love, nurture, nourish, sustain, protect, uplift, inspire, delight, charm and comfort the beloved presence within each of us... Psychotherapist and writer Thomas Moore calls this profound attention to the authentic needs that stir deep within 'caring for our souls.'"

"It is through 'the small details of everyday life' that we make our souls feel welcome."

"Today, be willing to ask your Soul what she requires to make her stay more pleasurable. Ask often:
What do you need at this moment?
What would bring you peace, contentment, joy?
It may be to slow down, take a walk, hug a child, caress a cat.
Flip through a magazine.
Call your sister.
Send a funny card to a friend.
Take a nap.
Order Chinese carryout.
Watch a favorite movie.
Have a good cry.
Find a drugstore with an old-fashioned soda fountain that serves cherry phosphates.
Solve an English mystery.
Turn in early.
Whatever it may be, she will tell you.
--Simple Abundance

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Getting to read interesting books for my job!
2. People from church sending me all kinds of interesting ideas!
3. My new boots. Love them.
4. Feeling rested.
5. Pictures of my god-daughter as a little lamb for Halloween. So cute.
6. More new recipes. Winter squash soup and cheese straws. Yum.
7. The show, "Castle." It makes me chuckle.
8. A beautiful full moon!
9. The smell of fallen leaves... Fall is here!
10. The sound of my dog's toenails clicking across the wood floors. So fun.

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