Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ladies of Grace - November 11th

I haven't done this in awhile - but I witnessed a cool moment that I thought I would share. The "Ladies of Grace" post is a time when we stop a take a moment to reflect on where we saw grace in the last week - either we experienced it from someone else or we had an opportunity to allow our hearts to soften or warm and to extend grace to someone else.

Last week, while we were in the midst of traveling from Minnesota to Michigan, I made my usual stop in the ladies' room before boarding the plane. The restroom attendant was busy cleaning the sinks and wiping up the dripped water after every woman reached for the paper towels... She was extremely dedicated to the tidiness of her restroom!

As I was noticing this, another lady - a well-dressed, business woman - stopped and thanked the attendant. Not a quick, "thanks," as she rushed out the door - but an intentional, look-the-person-in-the-eye, thank you for doing a wonderful job and for making our experience more pleasant.

I couldn't help but smile as the attendant practically beamed her smile. My guess is, she doesn't have that happen very often!

That moment of grace was a beautiful moment - it uplifted the attendant, and it was a wonderful example for all of us who witnessed it!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Grace.
2. Appreciation.
3. Hard workers.
4. A comfortable office to work long hours in.
5. A fun meeting.
6. Soft sweaters.
7. The hubby making me homemade mac and cheese.
8. Cucumber melon bubble bath.
9. Ideas.
10. Laughter.

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