Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today is a Day.

Do you ever have one of those days that you just don't feel like yourself? It started yesterday afternoon - everything lost it's sparkle... Everything made my eyes fill with tears... And it's continuing! I was hoping I'd wake up today, refreshed and renewed, back to my joyful, giggly self. But alas, the fog still clings.

It's snowing outside - beautiful, soft, feathery flakes falling from the sky. A perfect day for some hot cocoa and a book. And all I can think of is the roads and my bald tires! Ugh.

My house is clean and full of yummy treats for our Book Group Christmas Party tonight (it's already been delayed 2 weeks because of weather)... And now all I can think of is the snow canceling the gathering AGAIN! I miss them... The break over the holidays has been too long - we're a great group of women, with all different backgrounds, that LOVE to LAUGH together! I could use their contagious laughter today...

My husband left me a little surprise note today. Romantic and complimentary. So nice. All I could think of was how crabby I've been the past 24 hours. Poor guy.

And we have a large payment due in 2 weeks for our trip to Ireland. A big surprise, since we thought it was due the middle of February. Can we say stress?! Needless to say we were not prepared for this so soon... We are busily contemplating how to make it work in a way that doesn't leave us with no emergency funds for the next month and a half... Stress and frustration abound!

As I'm typing this, there is a quote on my desk that says, "Living in the moment brings you a sense of reverence for all of life's blessings." As I look through this post, I'm realizing that all the little things I'm crabby about are either possibilities in the future, or things already in the past. Hmm... Maybe I should just get my head screwed on right and enjoy where I am right this very moment, huh?

Things I'm thankful for, despite my crabbiness:

1. A warm bed.
2. People who care that I will be leaving one of my jobs at the end of June, and are nice enough to tell me.
3. A boss and pastor that is a dear friend - and listens to my woes with an open heart.
4. The beautiful snowflakes.
5. Nice, romantic, notes.
6. Possibilities - joyful possibilities.
7. Silence.
8. The dog romping through the new snow.

9. The gift of working with great teenagers - cheerful, considerate, and fun.
10. The anticipation of seeing old friends in the coming week!

As I seek to re-kindle the joy and enthusiasm this blessed life has given me, today - I encourage you to notice the little things in this very moment, too!



Beth said...

ahhh Megan... you do have some clouds hanging over your head...Sometimes there is just not much we can do... about them...keep thinking positive...even if it is just small little things which will meld together and break up the clouds... Just think of how exciting Ireland will be when you get there!

Beth said...

In response to your comment on my blog:
I rarely keep my resolutions... but it at least gives me a focus. You do know that I agreed to being the Mission Team Leader, right? It scares the p-jeebees out of me... Keeping the dreaded pounds off for the better part of year has given me courage to go for other things, too! I cherish our friendship...thank you!

Carol E. said...

Hey, I think it's in the air. I was a crab today, too. Just growled at my poor, patient husband for no reason. We all could have used that party. The snow is beautiful, but it's stinky that we had to cancel the party twice! What job are you leaving in June?? (not the one I am familiar with, I hope)

Megs said...

Ha ha ha - no, I'm not leaving SPUMC. My job at FUMC will be eliminated for budget reasons as of June 31, 2009. The letter went out last week - so it's public information now. As for SPUMC, we shall see what happens. It would be AWESOME if I could go full-time... But we'll see what plans God has in store...

Megs said...

Melissa said...

(for some reason she is currently unable to post to my blog... so I cut and paste this from another site.)

I can comment! WA-HOO!

I just wanted to tell you that we all love you and miss you too! Book group has turned into some of my closest friends and I'm so thankful that you started it at church.

It's always hard to fight a funk, it's kind of a self-perpetuating thing. When I get like that I tell Jake that I need to do something that brings me joy (which usually means scrapbooking, shopping for scrapping stuff or a LONG, HOT bath that is uninterupted by children :)). That helps bring my spirits up a bit and then everything else seems a little less horrible. It's hard to do when you're a worrier by nature, like I am.

See, I told you I had a lot to say. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend and for all your support over the last very rough year of our lives!

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