Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Family Celebration is Past...

Well, we enjoyed another Christmas celebration with my hubby's family this weekend. It was a weekend of a lot of time in the car, lots of chaos, lots of laughs, lots of confusion, and lots of food! Here are some things I am thankful for:

1. Hugs and giggles from the niece and nephews - Lauren, Evan, and Brandon.
2. Delicious meals from the Mom-in-Law, Joan!
3. Excited chatter about our future trip to Ireland with Mom-in-Law, and Aunt-in-Law, Annie.
4. Seeing Sister-in-Law, Kerry, happy with her boyfriend!
5. A surprise visit from the Sister-in-Law's (Michelle's) Father- and Grandmother-In-Laws. (Figure that one out!)
6. Mom-in-Law's retirement!
7. Safe travel. (With Bailey as our co-pilot!) 8. Only spent money on gas for the car (presents were already bought, and no eating out)!
9. Bailey, our dog, didn't get sick after eating Evan's chocolate candy...
10. Everyone enjoying my box-o-cookies! It's fun watching them ooo and aaahh over the variety - and finding the ones they love! Watching people's reactions makes it worth the 3 days baking every year!

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