Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to One and All!

As I think over the last year... There have been many ups and downs - joys, scares, sadnesses, and delights - and as I think of celebrating another Christmas with my family and friends, I am more thankful than I have ever been!

This February, we saw the birth of my beautiful little niece, Finley Jean to Emily and Karlin;

March and April had me dealing with a pre-cancer scare;

April brought my adorable god-daughter, Ellen Mead to Emily and Jeremy;

our summer was spent with friends and family, exploring the Twin Cities, going to new resturants and seeing live music; we enjoyed a trip to Pittsburgh to visit the Bilchuks and loved every minute!

September brought Mike's trip to the North Shore with Mark,

and my trip to the Austin City Limits Music Festival with Amanda.

I've been blessed to be part of the ministries of Faith United Methodist Church and St. Paul's United Methodist Church - and was so excited to start a new Book Group at St. Paul's UMC - the ladies of this group have become true friends and joy to be around every single week!

It always amazes me that when we take inventory of our past year - we list so many things that we are thankful for! And, oddly enough, I think one of the things I am most thankful for this year includes my cancer scare... It forced me to take a look at how I live my life, where I place my faith and trust, who I look to for support and encouragement, and what I am most afraid of. I was able to see how much I mean to so many people (a rare gift) - and how much they mean to me. I was able to trust in God and prayer in a way that was deeper than any other point in my life. I learned to make health a priority through eating healthy, exercising regularly, and resting when needed. It made me realize that my biggest fear is leaving the people I love - so to enjoy every minute we have!

I've always been a pretty laid-back, easy-going, and happy person - this year has shown me to take a little more control of making the small miracles happen. Laugh even more. Tell people how much you love them. Be thankful for each and every moment. Smile at those who are having a bad day. Give hugs. Be generous.

This season of Christmas is a celebration of life and love, of faith and miracles. I hope we can all live this season all year round - and be thankful for it, every moment.

Peace to you and yours,

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Melissa said...

Merry Christmas! What a year! I hope the coming year brings so much more to be thankful for!

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