Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Kayla!

Today is my sister, Kayla's, 17th birthday! Here are some things about Kayla that make me thankful to be her sister:

1. She makes me laugh - great sense of humor!
2. She's thoughtful and sincere.
3. She shares my appreciation of quirky socks and bright colored scarves!
4. She has good taste in music!
5. She's smart and loves learning!
6. She was a gift to our family when she was born - she brought us closer together (with a 15 year old and a 10 year old in the house - that was a great gift!).
7. She gives a good back scratch!
8. She's a great photographer and artist!
9. She's confident and assertive.
10. She's a beautiful person, with a beautiful heart.

I love you, Kay!


Kayla said...

:] Thank you so much, Meg. This means so much to me. I love you!

Beth said...

Kayla has a wonderful sister! Lindsay and Laura were 13 and 10 when Lydia was born... "hopefully" they have the same feelings toward her...

Carol E. said...

She's boo-ti-ful. Just like her older sister.

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