Thursday, September 30, 2010

Twins Game!

Finally!  We've been planning a church-wide outing to a Twins Game at the new Target Field for months...  and tonight was the night!

We had 65 people meet at the stadium for a fun night out.  Our seats were in the family section WAY up high (the hubby and I were against the back wall!) - but it was a beautiful stadium, a gorgeous night, and so fun to hang out with people outside of the church building.  Our team lost - REALLY lost - but we had fun anyway...
(Beautiful, isn't it?)
(My buddy, Bennett.  Love her.)
(Gorgeous night to be out and about!)
(We had such hope at the beginning of the game...)
(I love these people!)
(Yowsers.  Look how empty those stands are!  We stuck it out...  Ha!)

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A short work week.
2.  Dinner out with the hubby at Rock Bottom Brewery.
3.  A coconut chai microbrew beer.  Sounds weird - but tastes oh, so good!
4.  Outdoor baseball!  Woo-hoo!
5.  Perfect fall evening for a game!
6.  Target Field - amazing.
7.  65 church people out in pubic together!  Awesome.
8.  Still thinking about the Storyline conference...
9.  Life in general.  It's so good.
10.  Free parking in the city - gotta love it.

1 comment:

Carol E. said...

Love your pics from the Twins game, esp that first sunset one. Wow!

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