Thursday, September 2, 2010

State Fair!

Another visit to the "Great Minnesota Get-Together."  To think - three years ago, I had never been.  Now I've been all three years!

Foods eaten this year (and let me preface this with - the hubby and I share everything!):
Corn dog (not pronto pup - corn dogs are so much better!)
Mac and cheese on a stick (yes - deep fried chunks of mac and cheese.)
Mashed potatoes on a stick (again - fried and speared)
Cheese curds
S'more on a stick (fried, speared)
Sweet Martha's cookies to take home

As you can see, I save up my year's allowance of fried food for one evening a year!  (And it's totally worth it!)  Favorites this year?  Mashed potatoes and cheese curds.  Yum.

While we were walking the fairgrounds - and when we got to the farthest corner of the fair - it started POURING rain!  We ducked into the "Peace" store - a tent full of tye-dye and peace signs - so "groovy."  While standing there, watching the storm pass us by - a rainbow appeared!  Beautiful!

After stuffing our faces, we found the Leinie's Lodge Bandshell to watch the band "Trampled By Turtles."  I've been wanting to see them for awhile (who wouldn't with a name like that?!).  And they were awesome!  It's really fast, energetic bluegrass - so FUN!  We were joined by our friends, Kevin and Jill, and had a great night!

3rd visit to the Fair - Success.

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A good day at work - so much to get done!
2.  Express buses to the State Fair - makes everything so easy!
3.  One day of the year to pig out on junk food!
4.  Maalox.
5.  Rainbows.
6.  A hubby who likes to people-watch as much as me!
7.  Fun music!
8.  A less-crowded day at the fair - less chance of a panic attack.  Phew!
9.  Cooler weather.
10.  Fireworks!  A great way to end the night!

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Beth said...

I don't like the busses anymore...way to expensive...I find someone to drop me off and then we ride it back to Signal Hills for free!

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