Monday, September 6, 2010


"How do you define comfort?  List five things that represent comfort to you."
--Sarah Ban Breathnach, "Something More"

Hmmm...  Comfort is feeling free to be me - quirks and all.  Comfort is not trying to be someone else or impress someone else.  It is rest and relaxation.  Enjoying life for what it is.

1.  It's pajamas.  Really soft, slightly baggy, colorful, fun pajamas.  (With slippers and a robe if I'm lucky.)
2.  It's a blanket to curl up in.  (Even in the summer when I take a nap, I often grab a blanket to cuddle with...  The hubby asks me if I'm cold.  I respond, "nope.  It's a comfort-thing.")
3.  It's flip-flops.  I love being able to kick off my shoes in the grass or under my desk!
4.  It's my husband telling me I'm cute or beautiful when I'm sick, tired, or am having a bad day.
5.  It's having dessert with a friend - telling stories, laughing, crying, and not judging one another for that last bite of triple fudge cake...

What a fun thing to think about...  What are your five?

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Labor Day - a day off.
2.  Irish coffees for breakfast.
3.  My camera got dropped off to get fixed...  (It had a little accident this weekend...  No more pictures on the blog til I get it back..)
4.  Lunch at Sea Salt with the Laughing Waters Bluegrass Festival in the background.
5.  The hubby wore his "my wife rocks" t-shirt.  (We always get fun comments when we wear those shirts!)
6.  How I Met Your Mother.  So funny.
7.  A cool, rainy day - perfect for books and napping.
8.  Leftover mashed potatoes.  Delish!
9.  A comfortable life.
10.  The fact that I can honestly say that I like myself.  Imagine that!


Your Baby Sister said...

5. My bright red fuzzy robe after a hot shower
4. Hot coffee in the morning, with 5 minutes of just drinking it and enjoying the cold breeze from my window
3. The funny responses on my FB status from you, Em, and Mom! They made me miss you guys.
2. Skyping with Anthony and Jess every couple of days and hearing the funny stories and the fact that they still do, in fact, miss me
1. Shaved legs, all lotioned up. Easily the best feeling in the world.

:D Miss you!

Emily said...

I'm a fan of #5. :)

Andrea, the little collector said...

1. My Grandma's quilt. I love wrapping up in it when I am sad.
2. Licorice root soothing and truly the only tea I ever need.
3. A call or visit from my sister.
4. A warm home and candles on a cold and rainy day.
5. Being held, without saying anything by my hubby when I need it most.

p.s. Saw your post from a week ago too. Punch IS so good. Glad you got back there and are going on your seminar trip. AWESOME!!!

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