Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Surprise Birthday Party, Mom-in-Law!

Uff-da!  What a weekend!

We drove to the Milwaukee-area on Thursday for a weekend with the in-laws.  The hubby's mom thought we were just coming to do some work on her house and have the usual September birthday party for Mike, his twin sister, and his mom.  Which was kind of the plan.... 

We arrived late Thursday night and enjoyed some chatting with Mike's mom.  Then, Friday morning we were up and at 'em to start some work!  Mike began with patching the driveway...  I painted the eaves and overhangs of the house...  Hubby laid some pavers...  There was plenty of work to do - but it was a gorgeous day and everything went pretty smoothly!  We ended the day with dinner at the local church fish fry and chilled out the rest of the evening (resting for the events planned for Saturday!).

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to our nephew, Brandon's, football game.  This was his first season playing - and he enjoyed the support and encouragement.  It was early in the morning...  We got lost on the way there...  It was cold and raining...  And our team lost.  Buggers.  A dreary start to the day - but still fun to be there and see him play!

Next, we went home, changed clothes, and got ready to take Mom-in-law out for a "nice lunch."  We told her the rest of the family was running late and would meet us at the restaurant.  In the meantime, Hubby's sister asked if we could stop someplace quick...  So we did.  And lo-and-behold!  When we walked in, there was a room full of family and friends from near and far!  She loved it.  She doesn't normally like surprises, so we were pretty nervous this wouldn't be a good thing...  but she LOVED it.

It was a good day.  Smiles all around.

So, happy birthday (early), Joan!  It was fun to be in on the surprise and see your face as all of these people surrounded you with love for a day! 

(I'm a little selfish when I celebrate your birthday...  The gift of your life, gave me the gift of your son's life - and he has been pure joy and love in my life!  So cheers to you and the blessing you are to so many, Joan!)

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  The surprise worked!
2.  Seeing Brandon play football for the first time!
3.  Coffee.
4.  Seeing family from far away - good to see Dawn, Keith, Kate, David, Amber and the girls!
5.  Hearing more stories of the fun that people had at our wedding - 7 years ago!  (They're even requesting a 10 year anniversary party!)
6.  Talking polka dances with Uncle Charlie.
7.  Seeing how adored my hubby is by his mom's friends - too cute.
8.  Playing with the nieces and nephews.
9.  Today was Rally Sunday at church - a new beginning to a new school year!  Looking forward to another year with our awesome youth!
10.  A quick trip to Winona to see my little sis, Kayla, today.  A beautiful drive and a fun dinner at Bub's!

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