Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fave Five - September 3rd

Time for a moment to look back on the week and record five of my favorite things this week!  What made me laugh, smile or feel blessed?

1.  A(nother!) visit from my friend Amanda.  A fun weekend of touring the Twin Cities: Minnehaha Falls, Sea Salt, Sebastion Joe's Ice Cream, Lake Harriet Bandshell, The Happy Gnome....  So much fun!

2.  The last Monday of the summer shared with Em and Elly!  They came for one last day at the pool before it closes for the season...  So fun.

3.  The State Fair with the hubby and friends, Jill and Kevin.  Food, Music, and Fun.  Gotta love it!

4.  Dragging the hubby out for pizza at Punch Pizza - I've been craving this pizza since my friend, Andrea, visited from New York earlier this summer!  It's so good...

5.  Signing up for Donald Miller's "Living a Better Story" Seminar in Portland - and having all the pieces fall into place so easily!  Have you ever had something that you just knew you were supposed to do?  This is very unlike me to go...  But I'm so excited!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A very clean house - ready for guests!
2.  The hubby coming home early.
3.  A fridge and cupboards full of yumminess.
4.  The dog and hubby awaiting Mark's visit.

5.  Mark and Lindsey arriving safely.
6.  Bailey, our dog, wanting so bad to play with Benji (their bunny).  So cute.
7.  San Pedro Cafe with Mark and Lindsey.  (Coconut Scallop Pasta - my all time favorite dish.)

8.  The Happy Gnome - I tried a new beer that was delish!  Now...  If I could only remember the name...
9.  Watching a movie in bed after everyone else went to bed early - thank God for netflix and a laptop!
10.  A good night's sleep...

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