Saturday, March 20, 2010

Europe - Day One

Well...  Not really.  Today is Saturday.  We made it to the airport, thanks to my parents.  They picked us up and dropped us off, and took our dog to their house.  Such a huge help!

We got through security, ate lunch at Chili's - and were off!

The 8 hour flight went well.  We watched about 4 movies each, listened to some music, ate dinner and breakfast...  and squirmed in our seats.

But we made it!  We arrived at 5:30am on Sunday (Amsterdam time - which was 11:30pm back home).

So technically...  That's all I have to write for Saturday!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Good night's sleep on Friday - made Saturday easier.
2.  We were packed and ready to go Saturday morning!
3.  A relaxed morning at home before heading to the airport.
4.  My family's basketball tourney pool.  The smack talk is too funny.
5.  Mom and Dad - for taking us to the airport - HUGE help!
6.  Mom and Dad - for taking care of our dog, Bailey.  Another HUGE help!
7.  Easy security at the airport.
8.  A good lunch at Chili's.  (And a good seat for people watching in the airport!)
9.  The hubby and I travel well together and have fun doing it.
10.  A safe flight.  All good.

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