Saturday, October 30, 2010

UNICEF Carnival

Today was our church's UNICEF Carnival!  Almost everyone comes in costumes, we play games, eat yummy food, and watch a magic show - OOOooooo....  Oh yeah!  And raise money for an awesome charity!  Here's some pics from the fun this year:
(I didn't even recognize our music director when she was standing right next to me!  Whoa.)
(Fun, creative treats!)
(The hubby - making friends with the devil...)
(Ha ha ha!  Look at her face!  She just touched "eyeballs"!)
(He has 60 seconds to wiggle an oreo from his forehead to his mouth without using his hands.  Too funny!)
(Pastor Penny looking regal as roylaty...)
(I was a "Magic 8 Ball."  Ask me a yes or no question, and you'll get a response...  This one was "Reply hazy, try again later.)
(Look at all the fun costumes!  What a great event!)
(Our magician.  Where did the bunny go?!)
(This kid was hilarious!  He couldn't stop giggling!)

Afterwards, the hubby and I did some grocery shopping for tomorrow's big cook-out, took a long nap, made pumpkin cupcakes, and went out to The Muddy Pig to sample some Pumpkin brews!  Great day.

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  An easy costume.
2.  Playing with all the fun kids!
3.  The hubby finding a new little buddy.
4.  A great turnout for the carnival!
5.  That LONG nap - much needed!
6.  Finding the pumpkin cupcake recipe that I love!
7.  A cozy new neighborhood hang out (too bad it's not in our neighborhood!)
8.  Turkey dinner leftovers.
9.  The book, "Journeys of Simplicity."
10.  Black nail polish...  It's fun!

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