Saturday, October 23, 2010


I follow one of my favorite musician's blog - Jason Mraz.  Today he pointed his fans in the direction of another blog "SuperForest."  I started reading it and LOVE it!  It combines environmentalism, sustainability, and MANNERS.  Awesome.  It's premise is that if we all operated with good manners towards all of mankind - most of the problems in the world wouldn't exist.  Think about it...  I dare you. 

Here's their "Humanifesto."  If nothing else - just enjoy the thought of good manners saving the world!  I am...

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  People who start amazing movements to make people THINK about their words and actions.
2.  The dog let me sleep in this morning - talk about good manners!
3.  An invite to dinner with the parents and Kayla.
4.  Cooking clam chowder with my dad.  Too funny.
5.  Good conversation with Dad - and feeling loved.
6.  Wisconsin Badgers won!
7.  Laughing with Mom.
8.  Netflix online.
9.  The "Blue Like Jazz" campaign to get the movie made - it's so inspiring how many people are coming forth to make this happen!  I love being a part of it!  (Wanna know more about the author - check out Don Miller's blog.  Great guy.)
10.  Thunderstorms are heading our way tonight!

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