Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Moments

I've been thinking about my post the other day - about moments when I felt truly ALIVE...  And there are so many more than what I posted!  I thought I'd share a couple more:

11.  How could I forget SKYDIVING?!  I've never felt my heart thump harder or faster!  And what an exhilirating rush - as I jumped, I laughed, I screamed, I prayed, and I praised God for the amazing ride of life!

12.  Along the same lines... I had a chance about 9 years ago to take a ride in an open-cockpit bi-plane.  It was a smooth, fun, ride at first - then the pilot asked if we could do some stunts (Of course!).  We did loops, spins, and free falls - so amazing!  Once again, the adrenaline rush was all I needed to feel REALLY alive in that moment!

13.  A kayak trip on Lake Superior.  A beautiful trip - but on the last day, as we were heading back to our launching point, a storm kicked up.  The waves grew, the wind blew, and the fear set in.  We crossed the lake anyway, as fast as we could, cutting through the waves, the wind, and the rain - it was a little terrifying, but our senses kicked in and made everything crystal clear...  An awesome way to feel alive.

14.  Sitting in a Native American sweat lodge this past summer.  The heat was so intense I thought I would pass out - but the words being spoken by our leader and the songs he was singing were so beautiful that he kept us focused.  Fighting for breath in the steamy setting - was enough to feel alive, prayerful, and immersed in the moment.

15.  Sitting around a campfire, in the middle of nowhere - just the hubby and me.  The world is faraway.  The stars are shining, the fire flickers its warmth, we're talking about memories of the past and dreams of the future...  Always a moment of spirit and life.  Some favorite moments for sure!

What are some of your moments?

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Still no snow.
2.  Only a slight headache.
3.  The smell of pumpkin pies baking.
4.  Sneaking Reeses peanut butter cups from the Halloween candy stash...
5.  Turkey dinner tonight.
6.  Answered prayers.
7.  A wonderful new friend at church.
8.  Making invites for our Halloween street-cookout.
9.  Pumpkin spice candles.
10.  A cold glass of milk.


Diane said...

You've packed a lot of living in the years you've been on earth. I'm impressed!

Beth said...

Each time I gave unexplainable feeling... I agree with the sweat lodge...the first time was more intense because of the length of time...2nd was cool because I was sitting next to you...My most recent was spending time with all three daughters at one time...hmmm this has me thinking... oh the first flight I took..I was pathetic but definitely alive...

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