Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays

Today's weather, news, events:  Misty, cold, dreary morning...  Quite the yucky start to Election Day!  Even Hurricane Sandy has taken a back seat in the news - all political all day!

I am grateful for:  Our traditional Election Day date - Mike and I get up, go get Starbucks, and then go vote together.  I love sharing this moment with him!  We make it fun and special... And then we spend the evening watching the returns together - hopeful and optimistic! 
Also, grateful for fun phone calls from dear friends!

Spiritually I:  Am exploring the idea of generosity...  With money, time, forgiveness, blessings, energy, compliments...  All of it.  What does it mean to be truly generous - and not expect anything in return?

People in my thoughts today:  All of us with hopes and dreams for our country, and our state, wrapped up in the election...  In Minnesota, I especially have all the same sex couples in my mind and heart today.  Our state is voting on making marriage only between a man and a woman - a vote I wish we never even had to make.  Love is love.  And I know some pretty beautiful gay couples - that make me proud!  It makes me sad and disappointed that they are still being discriminated against...  My prayers are with them!

Magical moments (comfort, peace, and love):  Voting this morning.  I didn't know how emotional it would be, until I was filling in the little black circles.  Tears came to my eyes and I got choked up...  It always surprises me how overwhelming it can be when I realize that I - little ol' me - have a say in what happens in our state, country, and world.  It boggles my mind that some people choose not to vote...  Even if my candidate or proposition doesn't win - I tried!

Donations of the heart (acts of kindness, sharing, caring, and forgiveness):  Serving communion at our All Saints Day service and comforting those who were grieving.  Making my parents dinner.  Sending notes to those we miss at church.  Being a listening ear. 

For a better tomorrow (goals, ideas, etc):  Hopefully, getting healthy!  I need to kick my cold!

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