Friday, November 2, 2012

Storyline Friday

"I asked my friend why he thought God did all this, made all these stars that seem to be so superfluous.
My friend said, 'it's obvious why He did it, Don.  He made the stars to dazzle you.'"
--One of my favorite Don Miller quotes, from Storyline 2.0
I'm in the process of working through Don Miller's "Storyline" process...  A process that is designed to help you "create a life plan that will give you clarity and direction for living a great story."
Basically, to help you answer the question, "When the credits roll at the end of my life, how will I have wanted to live?"
If you've read his books, or seen him speak...  At least for me - it was hard not to be inspired!  Sure, he says things occasionally that I disagree with - but he has changed the way I view living my life.  And this is one of the tools I'm attempting to use to plan out my story.  So here goes!
His first tool is to make a timeline of your life so far.  Write down the positive turns and the negative turns - the major events that have made you who you are.  I tend to think my life is pretty "status quo" most of the time...  Maybe not so much. 
Finished plotting these events on your timeline, you're asked to come up with a theme that seems to be a common link between all the ups and downs...  So far, this is what has hit me about my timeline:
I've never been alone.  My challenges have always made me a better person.  I've been incredibly blessed - and have always used the sadnesses and frustrations to share with and bless others.
"Blessed to be a blessing" rings true for me.  Even in the hardest times - God has been at work through my life.
Hmmmm...  Where will this lead?
Things I am thankful for today:
1.  Sleeping in.
2.  Coffee waiting for me.
3.  Time to work on creative projects.
4.  Plans with the hubby tonight!
5.  Warm, cozy cafes.
6.  Humor.
7.  Storyline.
8.  Guidance.
9.  Being loved, valued, and never alone.
10.  Helping others to know they are loved, valued, and never alone, too!

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